Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's official!

Last night, I booked my flight to Augusta, Georgia! In almost exactly 6 weeks I will be with my best friend driving down to Savannah to run our first half marathon together!

This is a big deal for both Julia and me. Julia had some health problems that prevented her from running distance for a long time. For a former cross country runner, that was really tough for her. She has overcome so much to get to this point and I'm so proud of her! For me, I was signed up for two half marathons this Spring as a personal challenge but was forced to bow out of both by a longstanding injury that I never rehabbed properly. We're both so excited!

I only have two more long runs before the big day, 9 miles this weekend and 10 miles weekend after next. I'm currently running anywhere between a 7:30 and 8:00 minute mile pace. Fingers crossed I can keep that up!

Almost as excited as I am for the race, I can't wait to spend the weekend in Savannah! Lots of pictures to come!



  1. The first of many! We'll have to do more races together all over the country!

  2. Good Luck to both of you! So proud of you girls :)


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