Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to a Hero

Today would have been Corporal Jonathan Tyler Yale's 26th birthday. Jon and I went to high school together and were both in the drama club and on the competition cheerleading squad. He was one of the kindest hearted guys I ever met and I considered him a dear friend. After high school, Jon joined the Marine Corps and was stationed in Ramadi, Iraq, one of the deadliest areas of the war.

On April 22, 2008, a van came barreling towards the gates as Jon and his brother in arms Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter were manning the main gate. With unimaginable courage, the two sentries opened fire on the van as their Iraqi police counterparts ran for their lives. The van stopped just short of the main gate and exploded, killing both Marines but saving their brothers inside the base. Jon was set to come home in a matter of days.

Today, take a minute to remember the sacrifices, past and present, of our true American heroes. Please read the story of The Last 6 Seconds of these young lives.

Happy Birthday, Jon! We love and miss you!


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